My Inflatable Plane

Written and sung by Cheryl Wheeler, Illustrated by Manette Jungels

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Cheryl Wheeler
folk singer, has written and sings a delightful song about herself and seven dogs flying through the night sky in an inflatable plane.



Manette Jungels
illustrated the song with playful watercolors based on the song and the world of their dogs.


Book Includes:
Free Digital Download for Cheryl Wheeler's song
Free sticker of image from book
10X8" book with full color Illustrations by Manette Jungels
This is a limited edition book printed by Puritan Press
Books are signed by both artists


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Written and Sung by Cheryl Wheeler

I’m a singer songwriter, because it was that or get a job. I grew up in Timonium, Maryland, and moved to Providence, Rhode Island, when I was 24. I’m still in the Providence area, in Swansea, Massachusetts, very happily married to Cathleen Joyce. I’d write more but the dogs have had it and want their dinner.

Illustrated by Manette Jungels

I graduated from RISD with a BFA in Glass/Sculpture in 1980 certain that I would not be an artist. So I went to study theater at the Trinity Rep Conservatory. I did not become a famous actress either. I moved to seattle and worked for some glass artists before moving home and continuing to tend bar. In 1993 I went back to RISD for a master’s in teaching (art) and began teaching in Providence Public Schools. It was a wonderful and exhausting job. I started painting for myself in 2004 and found out I was an artist after all. My wife, Lisa, and I have a great life full of family and dogs.